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Autodesk maya 2018 whats new free

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R3 Media LLC. The Next Web. Digital Arts. Windows Central. Retrieved 8 October Archived from the original on Raster graphics editors. Category Comparison. Autodesk products. Autodesk Inventor Navisworks. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: url-status Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. We work mainly in Site Design using InfraWorks. However, the performance of navigating the AIW export its disappointing. Wish there was ways to adjust the quality or geometry fidelity like anti-aliasing. The options under settings are geared more towards the animation products. A bad SDK version?

Anyway, this app should have 1 better error handling to display to the user that something is amiss, and 2 a quick-help to assist new users with navigation – a UI is only ‘obvious’ to those that already know how to use it ;. Just what I was looking for with a need to interactively display electric transmission data draped on a terrain model. Using windows 10, never been able to use this app, crashes every time when trying to load a fbx.

I have tried this software in late and twice in I realy would love some sort of fix pls.. Please put the FBX title into the window title bar, and grow the drop-down box containing the take name as the window is resized – they’re all too truncated to read! Would also love to see skeleton joint names and coordinates on mouse-over. On Win7 can’t open even simple box exported to fbx , 3ds , obj from 3ds max Older fbx files also cause crash.

FBX Review 1. Some models are rendered with a “bulgy” look. Maya has been around for such a LONG time and I’ve seen and used many software’s to view so many file formats. MA files? Autodesk would please so many users out there and make life that little more pleasing. I can’t use this application cause of appcrash fail it isn’t open What should I do? Muy buena Herramienta sin consumir memoria!.. Aunque algunas veces se pierden materiales y no aguanta las animaciones de Fluidos I have been trying to play an animation in fbx review, but have some issue with this.

I have keyed the material in maya and then exported as fbx and opened it in fbx review. I tried with texture also, but same problem. I exported fbx from Maya LT. One of the best things about this tool is that it is very quick compared to the software Autodesk released in the past. FBX converter was the next best thing – it looks like this is what we’ll be using going forward! Great little tool. The option to only export certain parameters and all the info the actual value, not just the input would make this an indispensible tool in my shop.

Without these export tools, it’s just a novelty at the end of the ‘modify’ menu. Final result in the new file is the first couple parameters are succesfully imported but when it hits one of the more complex formulas it stops.

The expression it seems to be breaking on or the one just after the last succesfully loaded one is. Super simple and works great. Allows me to maintain a master parameter list across many files. Now, if I could find a plugin that lets you create a user input dialog that directly changes values in the parameter tables, as in Inventor. Being able to have a dockable or free floating dialog with only the parameters predefined on canvas while working would be remarkable!!! Excellent idea I think it would be great!!

Also just the funtionality to sort the parameters in F I am “moving” to Fusion from another CAD system and most of my designs are built with full Parametric data. Without this utility I would had to re-enter all this data manually! It is great, I can import all these values in Fusion with very little extra work.

The CSV file got Imported with this module perfectly! Very, very useful to be able to export, edit, and import parameters. It’s far easier to create a load of parameters in a spreadsheet than the using the clunky F parameter interface. I use a mac, and ran into a peculiar problem though – if you import a CSV file which does not have double quote ” symbols around each parameter, then the first one in the list is unusable in F and can’t be manually deleted F says it is in use by ‘ ‘.

If you create the CSV file using ” delimiters around every field, it works fine. This plugin does what it says, however it exports ALL parameters. It would be great if there was a way to export only the user-defined parameters and not every single dimension in existence. I just tried this and everything imported fine except the unit value remained the same. Specifically – I was converting from in to mm. When reimporting user parameter units were still in.

Could this be a break from the latest update? I found that exported CSV contains model parameters named like d e. This is probably the result of using allParameters instead of userParameters in the method writeParametersToFile.

I was hoping that if I sorted the parameters by name in the CSV that this same ordering would be reflfected in Fusion but it is not. This might be a limitation in Fusion though. When creating a model I tend to add parameters as required and then when I want to go back and edit a value I have to look thorugh a disordred list to find the parameter name.

If maintaining the sort order of the CSV file were possible that would be a great addtion. Yes, it is a limitation of Fusion Notice that you cannot reorder or sort parameters in the “Parameters” dialog either.

Would it be possible to add a column with the parameter value given or calculated without the units, as a number type? By replacing the row “csvWriter. I use it on a Mac in a German environment. If I use Numbers to edit the CSV file, then it is exported with a semicolon as delimiter import into Numbers is no issue. So a direct import into F using your tool is not possible. I can change the language setting in MacOS to get work. But this will affect all other programs too. I am sure I can edit the source code to change from comma to semicolon.

It would be really nice to set the delimiter as an option or autodect it form the system settings. I was very pleased with the working of this app. However, now it seems that it is not possible anymore to change a numerical value in your. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought this was possible in the past. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

Help would be much appreciated. Thank you. I have the same issue, a fix would be nice! Otherwise this plug-in is not useful anymore. Yes, the latest Fusion update broke the add-in. I ran into the same problem. You can fix this by deleting the “paramInModel.

The plugin works great, but some clarification about importing measurements in inches would be helpful. I had some import errors before figuring out the correct formatting. Measurements need to be preceded by one straight quote characters and appended by three.

So 2 inches would be “2”””. However, I have an issue with V1. The script is exporting the parameters in the CSV file but it is leaving one empty row between each parameter. That causes then the Import to fail. I did not have this error with previous versions of the plugin. Best improvement would be the ability to re-order parameters during import.

Would this be possible? I use this plugin for my every project. Very usefull, it’s simple and works every time. Good work! I really needed something like this as I am a creature of habit and like consistency. So I use very common param names and formulas. This seems to work very well. I have tested exporting and importing, even with formulas and all works well,.

After exporting to a file, before I can import the file to a new design, I must first replace all insances of “” with ” “. When the Units are inches, decimal numbers export OK. Fractional numbers display in Fusion with a double-quote mark for inches. They export as a string enclosed by double quotes, so the resulting string has an odd number of double quotes. This plugin functions well for me but it runs really slow when importing my csv containing a couple hundred parameters.

I find that it takes mins for the parameters to load but as long as I am not in a rush it works ok.


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For more information, see Type Tool. New primitive objects. MASH node enhancements Distribute node: Several new features have been added, including: Volume distribution: Allows you to scatter points randomly within a spherical or cubic volume. Centre Distribution button: When distributing linearly, you can now center the distribution on the grid. Voxelize setting: When using a Mesh distribution, you can now voxelize it in addition to placing points on its surface.

Calculate Rotations for Paint Effects : When using a Paint Effects distribution, you can choose to automatically orient the points along the desired strokes.

This is especially useful for instancing new leaves or petals on plants. For more information, see Distribute node. World node: New Cluster Scale modes have been added, which allow you to vary the scale of objects in various ways. For more information, see World node. Curve node: A new Local Translation mode has been added, allowing it to respect incoming point positions as their initial state. Additionally, the Offset Along Curve attribute allows you to offset the animation of points along the curve.

For more information, see Curve node. Time node : A new Whole Frame Numbers attribute will round the time to the nearest whole number. For more information, see Time node. Influence node : The Influence node can now be disabled. Merge node : A Rotation Interpolation drop-down has been added.

For more information, see Merge node. Flight node : New attributes have been added allowing you to set the initial state of the simulation and apply forces. For more information, see Flight node. Orient node : Orient node performance has now been improved with multi-threading. For more information, see Orient node. Transform node : Scale Points is now on by default. For more information, see Transform node. ID node : Repro networks will now set the ID Count automatically to set them manually, you must first right-click the attribute and break the connection.

For more information, see ID node. Spring node : New Max Velocity attribute. With that said, the legacy viewports have now been removed, leaving your only option as Viewport 2.

Maya does feel like more of a stability and productivity release, with most updates focused on fixing hundreds of bugs and improving existing tools. This is actually great news. With Autodesk spending time fixing and enhancing what it already has, it means your workflow should be smoother. Surely this is better than adding a feature you may not use? Even with the lack of new features, there is still plenty to be excited about.

Almost every aspect of Maya has had a wave of the Autodesk wand to the point where there are just too many improvements to list. However, there are some key tools which will make your 3D life easier. Modelling workflow has been enhanced with the introduction of the interactive Extrude and Slide tools. Simply hold Shift and move your selected faces to extrude them. Hold Shift and Control to slide the geometry over the surface of the model. You can also quickly create a circle in your geometry with the new Circularize tool, which is neat, but again nothing new.

Symmetrize is a nice new addition, making your model symmetrical. In practice this works well, however it would have been nice if it also updated topology changes. Rigging is another area where improvements have been made. This addition results in a much cleaner rig for animators. The UV Editor has also benefitted from an upgrade, making UV manipulation much faster and more intuitive.

You can enjoy additions to help automatically generate seams, unfold and layout your shells, base the shell scale on 3D space and full symmetry support. Add to this the viewport enhancements like visible UV seams, and you will be creating and texturing models faster than ever before. The list goes on. What would we have liked to see?


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