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Persona 5 , contrary to what its name implies, is the sixth main entry in the Persona series following Revelations : Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Persona 3, and Persona 4. The series by Atlus began in with Persona 5 dropping a full two decades later in and loyal fans with them the entire way.

Persona 5 received some of the best reviews of the series and is a fan favorite. It follows the theme of previous games, taking place in the same universe, and even got itself an upgrade like Persona 3 and 4 got with Persona 5 Royal. There are many reasons to love the game — an immersive JRPG, the intriguing silent protagonist, the idea of Personas themselves, how it encourages you to build relationships with others, etc. Like many games on this list, where this game is most similar to Persona 5 is how you bond and build relationships with other characters.

The mechanics are focused around this and it shows. Many of the games on this list are RPGs, which is only natural, and this is one of them. It was initially made to be a sequel to Final Fantasy: The Heroes Of Light but then took on a life of its own with its own gameplay elements. Set in Luxendarc, the aim of the game is to retain the four crystals that keep the world in the balance after they are consumed by darkness. This one is only available on 3DS. Bully is the popular game from gaming giants Rockstar that came in If you know anything about it, then it might surprise you to see it on this list.

Take on the role of Jimmy and navigate your way through the crazy world. Just like Persona 5 , this game was developed by Atlus. In it, you play Vincent Brooks, a year-old systems engineer whose life happens in two parts: his daytime and his nightmares. The problem solving here will appeal to fans of Persona 5. Your actions have consequences too, with multiple endings possible, giving incentive for replays. Dragon Quest XI is the latest in a long series of Dragon Quest releases that began way back in with the first game.

Since then, there have been 10 main releases, including this one. Many consider it the best in the series and one of the better Japanese role-playing games of all time.

Set in Erdrea, XI follows the theme of the previous games and players will control a sort of chosen one who seeks to defeat evil. Final Fantasy XV was unique for the series in that it strayed away from the structure of the previous games and went full-on being an action RPG.

This was hit or miss generally, but most were fans. Players control Noctis who must retrieve the Crystal after it was stolen by Lucis. Where this one is similar to Persona 5 is in that it tells the story of a protagonist with bonds that pay off in the end. Developing relationships with those around you is also encouraged and rewarded here.

The only drawback here is that this game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Setsuna is a woman who is made to sacrifice herself to appease demons that descend upon her homeland. Tales is a great series and Tales Of Berseria is a standout.

This game is a famous crossover between the aforementioned Fire Emblem series and Shin Megami Tensei. Nintendo published this game but just like the Persona series and Catherine which appeared earlier on this list , it was developed by Atlus. On the plus side, the combat system here is nearly identical to the one in Persona 5. Once again, this game is set in the common environment of a school where a group of high schoolers battles through swarms of monstrous enemies. Each character has an opportunity to shine in different chapters of the game and bonding events will make you appreciate each and every character even more.

In Memories Of Celceta , he finds himself with amnesia and he wakes up in a town where he meets a few people who all claim to know him. Navigating your way through this is an incredible task.

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Game persona 5 pc full version.Persona 5 torrent download for PC


A summer vacation with close friends takes a sudden turn as a distorted reality emerges; reveal the truth and redeem the hearts of those imprisoned at the…. Join the Phantom Thieves and strike back against the corruption overtaking cities across Japan. A summer vacation with close friends takes a sudden turn as a distorted reality emerges; reveal the truth and redeem the hearts of those imprisoned at the center of the crisis!

Jump into the stylish world of Persona in an all-new story. Dynamically control your team during explosive action combat. Battle across Japan in an epic road trip. Players can form an active party of maximum four members, with Joker being the only character not removable as an active party member. Outside of battle, active party members can be swapped with the standby party members.

Players can only control Joker in the real world but are able to control any party member freely when exploring the story dungeons. Exploring dungeons is similar to Persona 5, where players can use stealth to avoid enemies or may occasionally face the need to solve puzzles to progress. It follows Joker and the rest of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as they investigate a series of mysterious events involving people across Japan. It was released in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in February , with a worldwide release for those consoles and Microsoft Windows scheduled for February A Town Uncovered.

It features elements from both franchises, such as the real-time action combat of the former with the turn-based Persona-battling aspect of the latter. These Personas can then be brought to the Velvet Room, where they can be fused to create new Personas.

The Confidant system from Persona 5 is absent. In its place are Requests, a form of side-quests, and the B.

The B. Man Of The House. Four months after the events of Persona 5, the protagonist and Morgana return to Tokyo for a reunion with the other Phantom Thieves of Hearts to spend their summer vacation together on a camping trip.

To determine the camping preparations, they use a popular application called EMMA. Test Drive Unlimited 2. Hearing rumors that people have been attacked by Shadows in Jails that leaves them behaving strangely in the real world, Joker and his friends once again establish the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Re-imagined by the. Delivered by FeedBurner. Telephone Your telephone number is opetional. Search for:. Persona 5 Strikers Free Download Repacklab.

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16 Games Like ‘Persona 5’.Game persona 5 pc full version

Jun 27,  · Persona 5 Royal on PlayStation 5, Xbox, and PC will come with all 45 DLC packs at launch that have been released for the PS4 version. As reported by Persona Channel, players will have instant. Persona 5 Royal is the beefed up version of Persona 5, sort-of like Golden is to Persona 4. As such, Royal comes with a bevy of enhancements and additions, including a new Phantom Thief member and Palace, 20 new songs, new story and social elements, a playable third semester, and of course a new opening cinematic along with a bunch of other cool stuff. Can I Emulate Persona 5 On Pc? – Download Persona 5 Full Version. Persona 5 is a game about the internal and external conflicts of a group of troubled high school students – the protagonist and a collection of compatriots he meets in the game’s story – who live dual lives as Phantom Thieves. They have the typically ordinary day-to-day of a Tokyo high schooler – attending class.

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