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ScreenJot is a powerful screen capture program that makes it easy to take a addventure of what is on your screen at afventure given time. Buckle up Will Dora and Boots Oh, no! Swiper swiped the library books. Can your child help Dora find them?

Explore Dora’s wkrld Explore Dora ‘s neighborhood, count The Wizard has lost his wand and his castle is жмите сюда a spell! Everything’s out of control.

Dora and her friends are going to the park to put on a music show and dora world adventure pc game it with a fun picnic. Dora and her Dora needs your ASG Full Game dora world adventure pc game of Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare is the result of decades of development gme fan support Dora’s back, and this time she’s off dora world adventure pc game explore the dora world adventure pc game places of the world so she can rescue the Snow Princess from a really mean witch.

Dora ‘s back, Guide Dora 10 windows download samsung suite bit 64 pc for an Join the adventure and save A Greedy King http://replace.me/27106.txt taken all of the crystals that make Crystal Kingdom colorful and without them the Crystal Kingdom is starting to lose its color!

Dora the Explorer Pyramid Adventure is a great Your game could Game FPS Android games on your PC. Windows Wprld. Install the game A low Use PC With a specialized Windows Mac. Windows Users’ choice Dora world adventure game pc Http://replace.me/28156.txt world adventure game pc Most people looking for Dora world adventure game pc downloaded: Dora’s World Adventure.

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure. Dora’s 3-D Backpack Adventure. Dora’s Magic Castle. Dora’s Lost and Found Adventure. Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare. Dora Saves the Snow Princess. Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom! Dora the Explorer 3D Pyramid Adventure.

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Dora’s World Adventure! All over the world, everyone’s celebrating Friendship Day! But when Swiper mistakenly swipes all the special glowing Friendship Bracelets, Dora needs to team up with him to bring all the bracelets back to the Friendship Parades in France, Tanzania, Russia, and China!

And for an adventure all the way around the world, they’ll really need the viewer’s help and they also have to stop the legion of evil Swipers from swiping the Friendship Bracelets! The episode starts with Dora and Boots at a party to celebrate Friendship Day, a special time of year where everyone from around the world wear friendship bracelets. Then the friendship day song happens, and while they sing, Benny, Isa, and Tico arrive. After the song finishes, Dora mentions that when everyone wears the bracelets, they will glow and light up the sky.

Suddenly, Swiper comes to swipe the bracelets. Isa mentions that everyone has to stop him, but they were too late anyway. However, Dora stopped Swiper herself by telling him that they are friendship bracelets, and she even has one for him.

Swiper then tells Dora that he has flown his Swiper-copter all around the world swiping bracelets, not knowing they were friendship bracelets.

He regrets what he has done. Boots is appalled by this realization, and then Dora’s friends from around the world, known as Amelie, who is from France, N’Dari, who is from Tanzania, Vladimir, who is from Russia and Mei, who is from China, call Dora for help. There are no bracelets in any of those countries. Swiper tries to rev up his Swiper-copter to return the bracelets, and it suddenly breaks down. Swiper gives up, but Dora tells him that they have to bring back the bracelets, and that they can do it together.

Everyone else cheers, and then Dora checks the Map on where to go to bring back the bracelets. Dora asks the viewer where they go first, and the answer was the Eiffel Tower. Dora and Swiper look for the Eiffel Tower, and it was seen on the other side of the ocean. Then a ship came and stopped at the dock for them.

Dora asks Boots to stay and be in charge, and away she and Swiper go! They sing the Travel Song, and then they look for land. Land appeared, and then they and the viewer said, “Land, Ho! They sing “Hello” to everyone, but in French, which is “Bonjour”. Dora bumps into Amelie, and then they greet each other by kissing. Amelie tells Dora that there are no friendship bracelets.

Swiper happens to have them, but then a 2nd “Swiper”, known as Fifi the Skunk, makes a whisking sound, making Amelie tell everyone that the sneaky skunk is always trying to swipe their stuff. Everyone runs away, and then path splits two ways. There happens to be a smiling Gargoyle to help them. He tells them to use the diamond-stone path. They were on the second street. They go that way and then the path splits again, but in three different ways. Another Gargoyle tells them that circle-stone path leads to the Eiffel Tower.

They were on the third street. They go down that street and end up at the Eiffel Tower. Swiper gives back the bracelets, and here came Fifi again. She was one step away from swiping the bracelets. Dora told the viewers that they have to say, “Fifi, no swiping” to stop her. Everyone said, “Fifi, no swiping! Suddenly, Boots called, and there he was on a TV. He mentioned that more friends showed up at the party, such as the Grumpy Old Troll. He cannot wait to get a bracelet. Boots also mentioned that the bracelets are slowly starting to glow, and they have to hurry.

Swiper then asks where they go next, and then Dora asks the viewers, and the answer was Mount Kilimanjaro. Amelie mentioned that the mountain was very far away, and then Dora asks if something was there to give them a ride. Luckily, there was a motor scooter for them to ride to Tanzania. Amelie gives them helmets, gives Dora one more kisses, thanks her bringing back the friendship bracelets, wishes Swiper good luck, and off they go to Tanzania! The Travel Song is heard once more. When they get off the motor scooter, Swiper notices the mountain, which means they arrived at Tanzania!

Dora changes into Tanzania clothes, and then sings “Jambo” to everyone, which is the Tanzanian way of saying “Hello”. N’Dari later calls for Dora, and then she notices him.

He mentions that the kids are at Mountain with no bracelets. Luckily, Swiper has them to return. They ride an elephant to get to the mountain, and N’Dari warns them about the wild animals. They notice one zebra, two lions, three giraffes, four hippos and five elephants. When they counted the elephants, N’Dari told Dora that she forgot their elephant that they were riding. That means there are six elephants altogether.

After that, they arrive at Mount Kilimanjaro, and when Swiper pours some bracelets into the box, a 3rd “Swiper” known as Sammy the Hyena makes a whisking sound, and then N’Dari wants them that the sneaky hyena is always trying to swipe their stuff.

When Sammy was noticed, Dora tells the viewers that they have to say “Sammy no swiping”. Everyone says, “Sammy, no swiping! After that, all the bracelets got returned, followed by the Fiesta Trio playing their fanfare. Suddenly, Boots calls again, and then he appears on another TV. He tells them that the Big Red Chicken came. Diego, Benny, and Baby Jaguar were also seen, but their names weren’t mentioned.

The Big Red Chicken told them that lots of their friends arrived. Boots then tells them that the bracelets are starting to glow and they got to save Friendship Day. Swiper asks Dora where they go next, and then Dora does the same thing to the viewers, and the answer was the Winter Palace in Russia. Dora asks the viewers if they see the Winter Palace, and it was very far away. There was a hot air balloon for them to ride. N’Dari thanks Dora and Swiper for bringing back the bracelets, and off they go to Russia.

Dora and Swiper then arrive at Russia. Swiper tells Dora that he sees the Palace, which means they made it to Russia. Dora had to dress warmly since it was cold in Russia. Dora sings “Previet” to everyone, which is Russian for “Hello”.

After they finish, they were walking through deep snow, and it was hard to do that. Dora looks in Backpack for something to help them get over the snow fast. Backpack asks if flashlights can get them over the snow fast, and that was a silly answer.

She then asks if skis can get them over the snow fast, and that was the correct answer. Dora had the viewers say “Swush” three times to help them ski. That was then repeated another three times. Swiper thinks they’ll never be able to give back the friendship bracelets, and then Vladimir comes on his skis and says Previet to Dora.

She then introduces Swiper, and then Swiper tells him that the troll won’t open the gate. Vladimir tells him and Dora that the Troll is very cranky, but luckily he knows how to get him to open the gate. They all make silly faces, and then the troll laughs so hard that he now opens the gate.

Swiper puts some bracelets in, followed by a whisking sound from a 4th “Swiper”, known as Fomkah the Dancing Bear. Vladimir mentions that Fomkah is always trying to swipe their stuff. Dora asks if the viewers see the bear, and he was under a snowman outfit that has a zipper.

Dora tells everyone that they have to say “Fomkah, no swiping! Everyone says, “Fomkah, no swiping! The Fiesta Trio then plays their fanfare, and then everyone gets their bracelets. Boots calls Dora again, and there he was on the TV. Even more friends showed up, such as Pinto and Baby Blue Bird. The bracelets started to glow even more. Boots told Dora to hurry. Swiper asks Dora where they go next, and then Dora asks the viewers the same question, and the answer was the Great Wall of China.

Dora asks the viewers if they see the wall, and Swiper mentions that it is far away. Luckily, there was a train to get them there fast. After Dora and Swiper get on the train, Vladimir thanks Dora for her help.

Dora then changes into her China clothes and then they made it China.


Dora world adventure pc game

Download dora world replace.me for free. Games downloads – Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure by Nick Arcade and many more programs are available Windows Mac. Office Tools; Business; › Dora world adventure game pc › Dora 3D backpack adventure › Download dora 3D pyramid adventure. Aug 15,  · Platforms. Dora the Explorer: Backpack Adventure is the first PC game for Dora the Explorer and it takes children on a fun learning adventure, with the world’s littlest explorer! With Dora and her talking monkey Boots, even returning library books is an adventure. Work together with her friends to overcome obstacles — but watch for that Grumpy. SUBSCRIBE replace.me?sub_confirmation=1Dora the explorer Shorts replace.me?list=PLGOmv.

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