May 20, 2024
Florida Business Insurance by Auto

Florida Business Insurance by Auto

Getting fast and affordable business liability insurance is easier than ever in Florida. Our business liability Specialists help make it simple, and more convenient than ever, to qualify for lower rates and faster liability insurance quotes with one or more of our insurance partners. Whether you want us to shop your FL business insurance, or you want to get instant business insurance quotes online, General Liability can help. We understand that business owners like you work hard every day, taking risks to better serve your customers, employ more people and strive to be successful. As a leading commercial and business insurance agency, we can help you build and protect your business by providing customized insurance solutions to support you and your budget.

Yes, our autopay feature is easy to activate and signing up gives you one less task to worry about. We’ll shop and help you save on your Florida Business insurance. Get a quote from Thimble in less than 60 seconds and get your Certificate of Insurance instantly.

Terri has 38 years of industry experience and knows a thing or two about insurance, so she reviewed and approved everything on this page. If you access to a client’s equipment, and you accidentally cause damage – you could be liable. While there, they accidentally fall and get injured – your business may be liable. As your risks decrease, your insurance premium might be lower by clicking this link

As of 2022, industry experts forecast a boom in entrepreneurialism in Florida. From personal services like salons and eyelash technicians, to commercial real estate development and new construction contractors, Florida’s future looks bright for your small business. For more information about Florida minimum business insurance requirements, visit the Florida Department of Financial Services website. Concession Liability keeps your special event stand insured from damage, accidents, or accidental injuries sustained to pedestrians. Our team of experienced representatives knows the answers to your questions and will find the right coverage, all while being on your side. Trust biBERK for business insurance in Florida and save up to 20%.

The Hartford shall not be liable for any damages in connection with the use of any information provided on this page. Please consult with your insurance agent/broker or insurance company to determine specific coverage needs as this information is intended to be educational in nature. Liquor Liability includes covering damages and injuries in which your business is held legally responsible as a result of serving liquor – from liquor establishments to office parties/special events.

Personal Injury Protection – Personal Injury Protection covers 80 percent of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses up to $10,000 resulting from a covered injury, no matter who caused the crash. General Aggregate and Products & Completed Operations Aggregate is the most that will be paid during a policy period regardless of the number of claims. Business Income Insurance, which helps replace your lost income if you can’t operate because of covered property damage. Our mission is to help small businesses to be better protected, informed and served. Workers Comp is required for any business with more than 4 employees and construction businesses with more than 1 employee.

Thimble is a new insurance alternative for small business owners who may only need general liability insurance coverage for a short period of time. Get on-demand coverage hourly, daily, or monthly in about a minute. If you need coverage for a year or more, You’re better off letting us shop your coverage with our network or carriers. Errors and omissions insurance is a type of liability coverage that protects your business against client lawsuits caused by alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions.

If you provide professional services and your advice is alleged to have led to one of your clients suffering a financial loss, professional liability insurance can help. Home-based childcare operations are among the most under-insured small businesses in Florida. Lawsuits for negligent childcare practices abound in FL, and many providers don’t realize they could be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars should a child be injured while in their care. Know that most Florida homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude childcare operations. If you operate a home-based daycare, you should purchase a high level of liability insurance. Purchase the most liability coverage you can afford, because childhood injuries are life-long, lawsuits and settlements are worth millions, and public awareness of these lawsuits is usually high.

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